New Centre Record
October 7, 2019
Last Season Trophies
October 11, 2019

Our first week of competition saw 27 separate parent helpers out at the field events giving the officials a hand to run the events for your children.
Also noted on the sign in sheets were plenty of new families and even the trialling families – so well done and congratulations on getting involved.

The Gold medal performance for Parent Helpers this week goes to Stacy D for helping out at the most events this week!

Please ensure when you do assist at an event that you sign your name off on the parent helper sheet. If you’re unsure where it is, please ask the event official.

In addition to our parent helpers – it is worth noting that our Centre is made up of a lot of volunteers who all help to either run the Centre by being part of the committee or are event day officials – a lot of the time they do BOTH!
None of us are paid and there are some that do multiple roles within the club, all so that all our children can participate in Little Athletics each week.
Please see the names of all our committee members on our website
Special Thanks to Boulton O, Greg D, Ronan C and Aaron C for officiating events on Saturday even though they are not on the committee.

Everyone coming together to give a helping hand really helps the day run smoothly…..Thank You!

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